House rules

Many of the Dellacher elements are still in their original condition and are listed as heritage. For it to stay that way, your help is required. We ask you to read the house rules carefully and to comply with them. Failure to comply with the house rules may result in deductions on your deposit and possible additional costs.


  • Please handle the entire house and its furniture with care
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the house.If you smoke outside, all cigarette waste must be collected and disposed of in the trash cans. Cigarette waste must not be disposed of in the meadow. If the smoking rules are not observed, a cleaning fee can be charged.
  • Handling open fire in and around the house is strictly prohibited. The open fireplace may only be operated under constant observation.
  • In order to protect the original elements of the house, we ask that you do not consume any food or drinks in the carpeted rooms.
  • The inside of the house should not be entered with street shoes if possible, this applies particularly to the rooms lined with carpets.
  • When leaving the house, make sure that all doors and windows are properly locked. The tenant is fully liable for damage caused by open doors and windows.
  • Any garbage must be separated and disposed of in the designated containers. If the waste separation is inadequate, a fee may be charged.
  • The house is to be handed over in a tidy and swept condition.
  • If any ailments are noticed at the house, contact the landlord as soon as possible.
  • Pets are not allowed in the entire complex.
  • The areas marked as "private" and locked areas must not be entered.